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Why Coaching?


Do You Want Something Different In Your Life?

If we keep doing the same thing the same way, we'll keep getting the same results.  Are you tired of repeating the same behavior in the same circumstances, yet don't understand why stuck on that hamster wheel?  

If you really want what you say you want, you need a coach! 

A problem can never be solved from the same mentality that created it.  A coach can take a look at things from a different angle and assist you in getting to a place where you see it too. That's where you'll be able to make different choices in your life and have the results you want. And, it can be quick and easy, depending on the circumstances. Coaching is ACTION oriented and focuses on the future. You can't un-do the past, but you can change where you go from where you are.  

This is where I tell you that I'm not a therapist (again). I do not dig through your life and try to figure out why you did what you did (even though you might figure it out), nor do I work with any mental illness. If you have a psychological issue, I will definitely refer you to a talented professional who can help you through it.

You already have the resources you need to get what you want. A good coach is skilled in working with you on your behaviors, beliefs and attitudes so that you can achieve a positive outcome.

What is Coaching?

Can you imagine what the results would be for the Denver Broncos if they didn't have a coach?  You see, Peyton Manning is the one with the talent, but the Coach knows how to motivate and bring it out of him.  The coach also knows how to get the other players to work with him in a way so that they have a winning team.  Without the coaching team, it would be mass chaos ... and they probably wouldn't win a single game.  Imagine having someone well trained to meet with you on a weekly basis (either by email or phone) to talk about an aspect of your life so that you can make it the way you want it.  That’s exactly what a Coach does... what I do!  Think about your life or the issue you're trying to work through as a ball game, and you need to have the moves to win the game.  That's coaching.

Coaches honor the client (you!) as the expert in their life and work from the belief that you are creative, resourceful and whole.  Coaching is forward moving and future focused in that we don't attempt to repair the past as a therapist might - the best part of your life can be in the future.  You can expect to:   

·     Discover, clarify and align with what you want to achieve - what this means is that if you don't know what you want, we'll figure that out together.

·     Encourage your self-discovery - I'm not going to give you the answers, but I'll work with you in a way so that you will find them. 

·     When you find what it is you want, you will work on strategies to get it

·     And of course, I'll hold you responsible and accountable


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All information that is provided in a coaching session is intended as general information and is not to be misconstrued as medical or psychological advice, or as a diagnosis, treatment or cure for any condition or ailment. If you have any questions or concerns about any mental health issues, please speak with your mental health professional.






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