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                                          Relationship Pie


This tool is helpful in clarifying your relationships with the people in your life It can be as simple as just writing the names of those that you have a significant relationship with and drawing a line representing the depth of the relationship, or you can continue with the exercise until it is as detailed as the example below.



·          Draw a large circle

·          Write your name in the middle

·          Around the circle, write the names of people you have a significant relationship with, or anyone that comes to mind.  Include everyone in your life!!




After you have finished…

·          Draw a line from you to the person’s name. 

·          Go around and write one word you associate with each person as things are now.

·          Write next to their name and your word association a color that comes to mind.

·          How about adding yourself?

·          Look at the order you wrote the names in.  Anything interesting about whom you wrote first or last?

·          Is there anyone significant you have inadvertently missed?  In-laws, family, ex’s?

·          Add a J for those people who contribute positively to your life or a L for those who are currently take more than they give.

·          When you have finished, pick the top 2 people you would like to move issues ahead with.

·          Ask yourself what action you can take, e.g., a phone call, a letter, a visit, etc. 




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