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Not every relationship is healthy...     


Even for those who do, seemingly, have good relationships - the road can be a little rocky.               


Does it feel like you're always attracting the 'bad guys' or the 'bad girls' into your life? 

If you've ever wondered why, then the place to look is inside.  Many times people find that there's something going on with their beliefs about themselves that attract them to these relationships

The greatest relationship you can have is with YOURSELF.    

When you are personally lacking or are deficient in any (or all) of the three components of a solid relationship, you will have a stressful time in any relationship in which you are involved.  Many people that I have spoken with not only have a strained relationship with their significant other, but they have the same stressors with their family and work relationships as well. 

Focusing on how we "BE" in relationships and consistently internalizing building points of the three components of relationships  is a large part of what a coaching relationship will focus on. 


  • Understanding the interconnections among all relationships in your life
  • Identifying the areas of priority for you         
  • Having a readiness to go out and explore world views and the means to create meaningful connection with others      
  • Having a clear idea and alignment for taking action on the principles you are learning      


What if your results included ...  

·         Understanding where the other person is 'coming from'?      

·         Understanding of the cycles of relationships - and then how to get them back to where you want them?      

·         Finding your 'authentic self'?      

·         Discovering your self-limiting and self-enhancing beliefs?      

·         Having tools to get things accomplished in all areas of your life?      

·         Identifying your personal values?      

·         Living each day being in integrity with your personal values?      

·         Knowing how to build your self-esteem again?      

·         ...and way, way more!      


This is only a small part of what we accomplish in relationship coaching!    





...Lynn's background was a great value to the class!

...The class was a great value for the cost.

...I never got sleepy or fidgety during the class! It was a great value.