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What the Thinker Thinks, The Prover Proves


By: Lynn Bacon, CPLC, CRC, CFC


Your mind has two main functions; a thinker and a prover.  Whatever you think, the prover side proves that thought to be true.  Your unconscious can't help but to be honest so it will continuously prove your thoughts to be right.  I know this sounds a little confusing...


Have you ever misplaced your cell phone or your keys?  You tell yourself that you can't find them, don't you?  Then the proving side of your mind alters your perception and blocks out remembering where you put them.   How useful would it be if you told yourself that you put them somewhere easy to find?  Might it work if you thought about the times in the past that you found them ... because you ALWAYS do?   Or even more useful, "I  can  find my keys." 


Of course this runs much deeper than just finding the car keys.  This also affects our thoughts of "who" we are.  We all have a perception of who we are and the roles we play in our relationships.  Maybe we think of ourselves as the pretty one, the ugly one, the smart one, the stupid one, the joker, the leader, the follower, or the abandoned.    Whatever we think our role is in life, the 'prover' will set out to prove this to be true.  If we think that we're smart, we'll prove that to be the truth.  Eventually, the circumstances of our lives will align with our thoughts.  The way your life is right now is the result of what you've been thinking and feeling throughout your life.  For instance, if you think you're unworthy all of the evidence in your life will prove you to be unworthy.  So, the question here is, is your life the way you want it to be?  Do you have the relationships you want and the way you want them to be? 


Are we doomed to what our subconscious thinks?  No!  What areas of your life would you like to change?  Just change your thoughts.  Just keep telling yourself that you are worthy, you can have the relationships you want and you can live the life of your dreams!


Now, go out and be AWESOME!!









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